Internet Broadband Connection in Borivali West

Vortex Netsol is a leading internet provider in Borivali West, Mumbai, providing reliable and high-speed internet services to residential and commercial customers. We have been in the business for several years and have gained a reputation for providing the best Internet connection in Borivali west.

Unlimited Usage Plans

All Plans are exclusive of 18% GST


  • 500/-
    (1 Month)
  • 1500/-
    (3 Months)
  • 2700/-
    (6 Months)
  • 4800/-
    (12 Months)


  • 600/-
    (1 Month)
  • 1800/-
    (3 Months)
  • 3240/-
    (6 Months)
  • 5760/-
    (12 Months)


  • 700/-
    (1 Month)
  • 2100/-
    (3 Months)
  • 3780/-
    (6 Months)
  • 6720/-
    (12 Months)


  • 800/-
    (1 Month)
  • 2400/-
    (3 Months)
  • 4320/-
    (6 Months)
  • 7680/-
    (12 Months)


We are Reliable when it comes to broadband services in Borivali west. Providing you with the most affordable and reliable broadband connection in Borivali wast is vortex netsol. Our competitive pricing plans cater to both residential and commercial customers with our plans matching the best of your budget. We are a wifi service provider in Borivali west that can provide you with the best services you ask for.

We have a wide network coverage that extends across borivali and other areas in Mumbai. This means that our customers can enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity, regardless of their location. Because of our reliability which is backed by the trust of our customers, Vortex Netsol aims to provide the best services with reliable and fast internet speeds, affordable pricing, great customer support, flexible payment options, an easy installation process, and wide network coverage.

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Yes, you can request for shifting the broadband service to another location by registering your request through our Web Portal ( or by writing to us at If we service the new location, our team will register the request for a location shift.
No, the currently chosen/active plan cannot be changed before the duration of the billing period, expires. You can change your plan only after your current subscription period is over.
Yes, bills/invoices are available on our Mobile Apps / Web Portal in my account section, from where it can be easily downloaded and/or printed.
Vortex offers an online payment option available on our Mobile App and also via the Web portal at here the account can be renewed within seconds. You may raise a request for payment pickup from your residence or by contacting the number provided in the SMS you get as a notification for renewal.
Minimum service contract/subscription plan duration is one (01) month.
Initially our Installation Technician will help you with your log-in credentials and at a later date if you require them, please contact our help desk from the registered mobile number related to your account. Our team would be happy to provide you the login credentials for using your internet connection.
Each area has a relative variance in terms of how soon the physical connections / wiring can be laid down to a particular residence. We do however, aim to get a connection installed within 2-4 days, although this can sometimes take longer, depending on the site feasibility and allied factors.
There are no hidden charges other than the Plan charges + One time Installation charges.
No payment has to be made at the time of applying for the connection. Our team will contact you to fill the CAF (Customer Agreement Form) and at that moment you need to pay the amount equivalent to the monthly charges for the chosen plan and one time installation charges (if applicable).
Depends on your area. Please refer our plans page.
No, there is no “Data Limit” or “Fair Usage Policies” to impose a restriction on your internet connection. The connection speed never drops during the entire month, irrespective of the amount of data used. Unlike other providers in market, we don’t have a Fair Usage Policy or enforce Traffic Management – that means we don’t slow down your connection to allow other users to access our network, which would in turn make your speeds slower.
Yes, you can use multiple devices on our connection through Wi-Fi and LAN, but the overall speed / band width will get divided during simultaneous usage of multiple devices.
We normally cover all the major areas of your town/city, yet we request you to please submit the enquiry form with your complete address and pin code and our team will confirm back to you about availability of our services in your area /locality.
Vortex Fiber keeps you in absolute control of your speeds and spends in line with your requirement. Click here to check all plans offered by Vortex.
Click on Get New Connection Form and fill up a few simple details and our teams will guide you through the next steps and hence will take care of your complete requirement.
    You can contact us ---
  • by submitting a Support Form under the support section of our Website / Mobile App.
  • By sending a whatsapp message on our “Support Whatsapp Number” as listed in support section of our website / Mobile App.
  • By chatting with us through the chat section on our Website / Mobile App.
    Users / Customers may kindly note the following with respect to Refunds --
  • As all our Plans are Prepaid Plans, the charging takes place on the 1st day of the beginning of Prepaid Plan Period (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half Yearly etc., as may have been chosen by the Customer / User) and hence, We do not refund any amount if the customer cancels before the end of the “Pack Period”, the user / customer has to utilize the plan fully for the Plan Period and no refund shall be given for unused plan period (if any).

Lightning-Fast Internet Connectivity with Reliability & Ease